Festival Program


Waiheke Book Festival last for three days, and it takes place on 12th, 13th, and 14th October. Each day is carefully planned, and we have organized book presentation of new authors, movies presentation and workshops for writing and songwriting. 12th October is an opening day where we host the presentation of new authors and the winner from the previous year holds an opening speech. People have the opportunity to meet writers, buy books and attend the signing.

During the last day, on the 14th we have special workshops which learn people how to write and how to take photography. This is a fascinating event because people are eager to learn.


In the afternoon hours, we organize brunch for all visitor. In this way, we want to connect people, so they can gather and spend some quality time while discussing books.

We have met a lot of talented people who later managed to become successful writers and later published their books.


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