About Festival

History Of The Festival

Waiheke Book Festival has been one of the favorite manifestation for book lovers for many years now. It all started in 2009 when Geraldine O’ Sullivan Beere decided to initiate and host this beautiful event. Under the influence of modern technologies and media, books have been exposed to negative publicity, but remain as one of the most powerful weapons to affect the public. This is one of the reasons why Geraldine started this festival. To promote books and to unite people who would discuss similar interests and exchange their opinion. This festival is a great opportunity for many people to gather and meet their favorite authors.

For the last eight years, this festival has become hugely popular, and more than 100,000 has visited so far. Finally, book lovers are thrilled to have an opportunity to visit this type of an event, to relax and to enjoy high – quality literature, authors and the atmosphere of the festival. In addition to this, many people bring children to this manifestation to familiarize them with books and to interest them in reading. People need to become aware that books have a significant impact on our intellectual development and help us evolve our personality.


Considering authors, more than 1,000 of them have taken participation in our book festival. A variety of genres is one of the things what make this festival so appealing. People have the opportunity to choose what they want to read and which authors they want to meet. Another novelty is that people can decide whether they will read an e – pub or paperback edition. Most of the writers who take participation in our festival already have published e – pub editions and you can purchase them on our website. Greet and meet event is one of the most visited manifestations on our festival. Readers are euphoric when they have an opportunity to meet their favorite writer.

Time For Book Lovers

Each year organizers of this festival invest a significant effort and time to accomplish everything. The city of Waiheke is one of the hosts; it provides space and significant findings. The public library also is one of the originators of this event; it offers enough staff which will make this event one enjoyable experience for you. The whole plan is centered around the festival, it features preparation, hosting and meetings. Book lovers will have a great time visiting our festival because we want you to feel welcomed and relaxed.

Explore books

The festival was organized for the first time in 2009. The director of the festival came up with an idea to gather people who love books in one place. In this way, they could spend three days talking about their favorite authors, meet other individuals who are fascinated with books and attend different types of seminars regarding books and photography. In many ways, this has proven to be a very useful move. People will spend more time with each other, away from the computers, cell phones and virtual worlds. Considering how many visitors attend this festival, this manifestation will continue to last.

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