Improve Your Personality And Broaden Your Views-Visit Our Waiheke Book Festival

Book Lovers

Under the influence of this festival, Waiheke community has become infatuated with books. For an almost decade, each year, more than 10,000 people visit this festival. People love books, and they love reading. Books have a special power to transfer you in some different reality and, in some different world. They can provide you a magical experience and improve your personality. Books are a trustworthy source of information; you can advance your speaking as well as your writing skills. They will give you class and structure while writing.


What People Say About Our Festival

Marisa G.

“This festival is a great refreshment for our community, and I have met a lot of beautiful and friendly people who love to read. I together with my family visit this festival each year and my children enjoy it. Waiheke Book Festival is a great opportunity to buy a lot of interesting books.”

Mira D.

“Each year I am looking forward to visiting this festival because it hosts a lot of quality writers. I enjoy participating in workshops because I love to write and they have provided me a lot of useful tips. Now I have even started writing my short stories and essays.

Mark H.

“I have enjoyed books since I was a young boy. Considering that I was born in a city of Waiheke, I was euphoric when our community started this festival. I visit it every year with my family, and in average I buy between 15 and 30 books of my favorite authors.”

Festival Events

Apart from this festival, our community organizes book clubs, and meetings take palace each week. The members of book club get one book to read on a weekly level and on that meaning they discuss the point and central idea of the book. In the past, several years, many people have become members of books clubs, this membership gives them an opportunity to escape their boring jobs and stressful everyday situations.

Most popular books in the festival


Faces In The Water

This is one moving story that will make you look on the life from the different point of view. The story takes place in a mental asylum, and it is narrated from the point of young women while she describes the terrible condition of two mental institutions. Colorful and vivid images will flow through pages.


The Rehearsal

Story for younger generations full of interesting twists and forbidden love between teacher and student. While the scandal spreads through school, people full of envy and jealousy try to lessen the success of the young and talented student who plays saxophone and is preparing for the upcoming recital.


The Whale Rider

An old Maori legend transformed into a book. This novel tells a story about young and independent women. It is full of traditional elements, and the book has a positive approach. The young girl has an ability to speak to whales, and this story follows her adventure.


The Luminaries

This is set back in 1866 where young Walter Moody has come to New Zealand to make a fortune in goldfields. On one stormy night, he accidentally meets 12 local men who will change the course of his life. He soon gets entangled with them, and he is drawn to the mystery they are trying to solve.

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